Flora of China
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   208. Aconitum coreanum  (H. Léveillé) Rapaics
黄花乌头   huang hua wu tou

Aconitum delavayi Franchet var.coreanum H. Léveillé, Bull. Acad. Int. Géogr. Bot. 11: 300. 1902.


Caudex obovate or fusiform, ca. 2.8 cm. Stem 30--100 cm, simple or branched, sparsely retrorse pubescent, with leaves crowded. Proximal cauline leaves withered at anthesis, middle leaves slightly long petiolate; petiole 1.4--4.5 cm, glabrous, base narrowly sheathed; leaf blade broadly rhombic-ovate, 4.2--6.4 × 3.6--6.4 cm, both surfaces nearly glabrous, 3-sect; segments dissected; ultimate lobes linear or linear-lanceolate. Inflorescence terminal, 2--7-flowered; rachis and pedicels densely retrorse pubescent; proximal bracts pinnatifid, others linear. Proximal pedicel 0.8--2 cm, with 2 bracteoles at middle; bracteoles narrowly ovate to linear, 1.5--2.6 mm. Sepals yellowish, abaxially densely curved pubescent; lower sepals obliquely elliptic-ovate; lateral sepals obliquely broadly obovate; upper sepal navicular-galeate or galeate, 1.5--2 cm high, shortly beaked, lower margin 1.4--1.7 cm. Petals glabrous; claw smaller; limb ca. 6.5 mm; spur capitate, short. Stamens sparsely pubescent; filaments entire. Carpels 3, densely appressed pubescent. Follicles ca. 1 cm. Seeds 2--2.5 mm. Fl. Aug.

Grassy slopes, forests; 200--900 m. N Hebei, E Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning [Korea, Mongolia, Russia (Far East)].